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Train Your Existing Dog Some people decide a current, older pet might become a suitable partner (particularly if they develop the ability to alert to a medical condition). Training an existing dog is as easy as training any other dog for service. The established bond builds trust and effectiveness of training.   Have Our Trainer Match You With a Dog To Be Trained Service dogs come from a wide variety of places. Some people choose to pick a dog from a breeder or rescue with the idea of training them to work. Your trainer will assist with this process to make the best match for the recipients needs. When getting a new service dog we require that there are no other dogs living in the home. Learn New Skills or Maintain Proficiency Service dogs, like anything, require a routine of regular work to maintain proficiency. Build on old skills or adapt the dog to new skills and environments. A yearly renewal for the required service dog card is also provided to our clients.
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Providing Veterans and their families with Service Dog Training
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